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Foundation Year- Module 6

Reflective Assignment

Research Log


When you upload your research log, name your document as follows: First name-Surname-Student Number- Reflective Assignment Research Log

Research logs record or track all the research you do for a project or assignment. A research log will:

Document the searches you made.

Record the results of your searches.

Record unproductive searches.

Reveal gaps in your research plan.

Turn up additional issues or approaches.

Support your record keeping of time spent.

A tool/skill of professional researchers.

How to start your research log:

• Use the log template.

Make a log page for each topic/issue.

Keep your log as part of your research file.

Include in your log:

Date you did the research.

Your task- To find book or article or website or meaning etc.

Search statement used.

Tool/Source consulted (e.g., library catalogue, database, Ejournals, Websites etc)

Search Tips- Limiters and other tips

Number of relevant results found

Citations to materials found.

Comments on material(s) found ( e.g.: got Full text , requested ILL, search in a different source)

Notes about things to follow up, e.g., update or monitor source, etc. Or comments on the materials found e.g.: Positive/helpful for the issue or topic, Negative/not helpful for the issue or topic, Useless or irrelevant for the issue or topic.

Research Log Template

Question/Topic or Issue: _________________________________________________________________________________


Source Searched

Search Terms


Details of Results


EBSCO Medline database

Leadership styles AND managers; apply related words, English language, 2010- present


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