This essay is about Nature Vs. Nurture. It strongly favors nurture.

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Nature Vs. Nurture

In the Nature vs. Nurture debate I gravitate strongly towards Nurture, because for one you learn traits from friends, skills from your family members and you grow based on how you eat so your size is not predetermined. How would you feel if you were already predetermined to fail in life? That would suck pretty bad, but that pretty much what the Nature theory is proving. Nature pretty much says your genes will tell your body and mind what to do. The Nurture theory though says that you can choose to do what you want and what you will be good at.

Everyone has had a friend that they have been influenced by in one way or another, some are in good and some not so good. When someone begins school they meet that one friend that they will know for the rest of their lives. As you grow up with that person you start to like the same stuff and talk the same.

For me my friend Shawn has influenced the type of music I like (The Beatles, Led Zeppelin...). While I have influenced what kind of cars he likes, which are Muscle Cars and not Rice Rockets. said, "One of the most influential things when you grow u is your friends and family members." ( While wrote," Friends tend to eat the same foods and get the same grades as long as they stay pretty close friends. While some friends that don't stay in touch start to drift and start to become less alike." ( After reading each of these quotes you realize that friends effect pretty much in all aspects of your life and if you don't stay close to friends you start to act less and less like them.

As you...