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Princess Diana

Princess Diana who is renowned for her elegance and prestigious title "Her Royal Highness", displayed many leadership qualities and characteristics as she reigned over the country Wales. I believe Princess Diana is a good leader because she possesses these five important qualities: patience, open-mindedness, trustworthiness, confident speaker, and intelligence. Without some of these qualities, Princess Diana would have been lackluster in maintaining her royal status as the "Princess of Wales."

In order for a leader to be effective, one must have patience, which requires self-control and perseverance. Blossoming in the eyes of the publicists and paparazzi, Princess Diana became very patient as her notoriety took throne. Being indulged with numerous amounts of rumors and reports, she remained calm and maintained her composure as the rumors took toll. I believe that her association in helping with charities and childcare centers account for her patience because she must remain humble and self-controlled when dealing with children and homeless people.

With patience, a leader can achieve many things, and can also withstand many inevitable watersheds. Princess Diana whom I believe has patience, signifies exactly that.

A leader must also be open-minded in order to contribute ideas and to have an effect on something or someone. Princess Diana presumably carried an open-mind at all times and was always attentive and wanting to help other people. Indeed, Princess Diana always seemed to go the extra mile, learning sign language to address a deaf association she was assisting for and penning personal notes to the families of diagnosed patients with HIV she had met. She constantly wanted to learn and sought to improve many charities with her diligence and open-mindedness. Princess Diana was quite prevalent when it came to being open-minded, which contributed a...