This essay is about Renal Autotransplantation and the affects it can have on a human body.

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I'm going to talk about auto transplantation. When I first started this speech I did not know very much about it at all. Only the fact that Kim had it done not once but twice. Auto transplantation is not your typical transplant. For example, removing a kidney and replacing it with another one in the same spot. With auto transplantation they remove the kidney but replace it in a totally different area. In Kim's place she had both of her kidneys placed in the front side of her body underneath her ovaries. With this disease there is a lot of uncertainty. No effective theory has been reported and the surgery is questioned due to the fact that only forty-six patients with loin pain/hematuria syndrome have been evaluated following treatment. There were thirty-seven women and nine men. Nineteen of the twenty-five patients in whom renal auto transplantation was successfully accomplished and who completed a follow-up questionnaire were free of pain, including the eight of ten with bilateral procedures which means two.

The other ones were not as lucky as Kim.

Not all forty-six patients underwent auto transplantation. They did other forms of treatment. Such as acupuncture, which is poking, the body with needles as to relieve the nerve, which causes the pain. Pain blocks were also another form of treatment, which was also tried on Kim as to relieve the pain, which did not work for her. While this procedure continues to be questioned due to the incidence of pain recurrence in the transplanted kidney. It seemed to work for Kim very well, as she is pain free still today.

The other problem with this disease is not a lot of people out there know about this disease and therefore doctors usually think the patient is a hypochondriac or addicted to...