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Tyco Incorporate

LeLia Wilson


October 2, 2013

Leroy Purdie

University of Phoenix


Tyco Incorporate

This essay will explain the role of ethics and social responsibilities in developing a strategic plan show and how it reflects the stakeholders. It will also demonstrate the ethical boundaries that Tyco International used in overstepping ethical boundaries of stakeholders and what type of measure they could implement to avoid this from acquiring again.

Social responsibility considers the consequences of their business activities with the customers, employees, shareholders, communities, interest, and social environment. It establishes who a company will have to work with and the direction of an organization. In a broad aspect of the term social responsibility, is used to look at issues, values, and process what a company should concentrate to minimize any damage resulting from their activities, and to create social, economic, and environmental value.

This will require that prior to a corporation deciding on any action, the organization must try to anticipate, which stakeholders would be affected by such actions.

According to Wheelen and Hunger (2010), "Ethics is defined as the consensually accepted standard behavior for an occupation, a trade, or a profession" (para 6). Establishing business code of conduct can offer a basis for which politics can guide daily behavior and decision at the workplace. Organizations should conduct periodic ethics workshops to make sure that their employees understand them in true form and guarantee proper implementation.

Understanding the roles of social responsibility and ethics are vital to an organization when developing a strategic plan and considering the needs of the stakeholder.

The stakeholder's interest should be made clear to advocates of social responsibility that given the board range to concerns and interest present in an organization's work...