Ethics in accounting

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Ethics in accounting and everyday business is something that needs to be taken as a very serious matter. In an article written by Ireen Baset, she explains that ethics today is much tougher to follow than many years ago. It is noted that an accountant must not for any reason take gifts or except favors from there clients, for fear that this would sway the accountants decision making techniques. This is where the ethical code needs to be taken into account. An accountant has a job and that job needs to be done in a morale and ethical way. In another words done in a fair manner. Any unfair practices as such, need to be rendered immediately before something dishonest and wrong takes place.

I work for a company called Athens Distributing, as a sales rep. The role of ethics in my company takes place for me personally when I am dealing with my customers.

I know a lot of salesman that will give improper discounts on products in order to make an extra dollar personally. Making a dollar, this is what the entire problem is all about. You would think that ones morals would play a role and you would do the right thing and do your job correctly, but apparently that dollar is much more important. I also know that there are issues as far as gifts being passed around in return for merchandise. This is completely ethically wrong. As far coming up with a solution to these problems, I would recommend that a more strict policy be put into affect. I would have a week long seminar on company policy and morale ethics. What is right and what is wrong.

Ethics in accounting today is a problem. I'm sure there are a lot of crooked...