Ethiopia Soil Degradation and Overpopulation

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Introduction Two Environmental Problems in Ethiopia would be soil degradation and overpopulation. This presentation will cover the main questions of why this is happening and answers that could help and control Ethiopia's land and overpopulation problems. Strategies will be assessed as to the help Ethiopia needs from inside and outside sources. Other regions in the world will be identified that have progressed from these same problems, and what impacts these implementations have had on their success.

Summary of the overall environment The country environment has characteristics of grasslands, woodlands, forests, wildlife, rivers, lakes, farmlands, livestock, and open space. More than half the land surface is arid and dry; the rest of the land has moisture in the air which can help with the growth of faming and woodlands (Ethiopia Table of Contents, n.d.).

The city environment is characterized by high populations of people, many homes and housing, market centers that are overrun with people and industrial waste.

One of the countries most concern at this time is the use of land resources and how the land is being managed with use of resources available. The land has been degraded because of the maintenance the land needed and did not get. The government of Ethiopia has been careless about what the future would hold for their people (Ethiopia Table of Contents, n.d.).

Overpopulation in Ethiopia is a problem for many living there, the streets can not occupy all the people, there is a need for better roads and housing (Ethiopia Table of Contents, n.d.). Through social changes and making adjustments to an increasing population in Ethiopia, there have been industrial expansions. This has caused the water and air to produce more pollution (Ethiopia Table of Contents, n.d.).

Populations are vulnerable in Ethiopia; they have...