Eulogy of Pope Gregory IIV

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The Eulogy of Pope Gregory vii


Good morning all, I am Alexander, a humble monk who knew Pope Gregory vii very well throughout his life. We are all gathered here today to commemorate and remember this great man for what he has accomplished in his life and how truly he helped us all spiritually. Pope Gregory vii is now one with heaven and has gone to his rightful place in the great beyond now meeting with God. We all wish the best for him to now be happy for he lived a good life that impacted us all. Pope Gregory vii was truly an important and great man.

I remember many things about Pope Gregory vii and his successful life. Pope Gregory vii was born in the "year 1020, Sovana, Italy and died the 25 May 1085." �Within these years he managed to accomplish many things. I remember as if it were yesterday.

Pope Gregory vii at the time his name was Hildebrand, he was an Italian monk, then the cardinals a group of senior bishops meeting in Rome selected him to be the Pope in the year 1073. �Pope Gregory vii at that moment knew he would do great things in this time of the dark ages to bring back religious interest and the power of the church.

So Pope Gregory vii was now the leader of the church and his personal notion of Papacy, the office of the church was "the Pope can't be judged, church never made a mistake, only the Pope can appoint /remove Bishops, Pope canonizes law, only Pope can dispose king/emperor and can dissolve allegiances." �This showed how dedicated Pope Gregory vii was to the Papacy office of the church and the religion he believed in.

Pope Gregory was also very powerful...