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The Necessity of a Constitution in the European Union

[Abstract: Does the European Union need a Constitution? This paper explores the imperative need for the implementation of a Constitution in the European Union.]

Patrick Pilato

Poli 211

March 14



The concept of adding a Constitution to the European Union and advancing the process of integration has been contemplated for many decades. The European Union is a very large and complex organization, and would benefit greatly from something like a Constitution. A Constitution is defined as a body of fundamental principles or established precedents according to which a state or other organization is acknowledged to be governed. The implementation of a Constitution to the growing European Union will cure the lack of democratic tendencies, as well as organize and clarify the lengthy, complicated documents. The question arose as to whether an amendment of the European Treaties might eventually result in the adoption of a European Constitution.

Subsequently, the European Council decided to arrange a "Convention of the Future of Europe". In Laeken, Belgium 2001, the EU Prime Ministers and Presidents arranged a convention to discuss the future of Europe and to consider the widely acknowledged issue of the lack of democratic cooperation within the European Union. Delegates decided to undertake the project of a newfound Constitution in hopes of solving many institutional inefficiencies. Members of the European Council began preparing for discussion involving the future direction of European integration, the possibility of a new legislation, and specifically the potential of a European Constitution. The Constitution treaty was signed in 2004 by representatives of the member states of the Union but was subject to ratification by all member states, [-1: "Definition of Constitution in English." Constitution: definition of Constitution in Oxford dictionary]

and in 2005 was subsequently rejected...