Europes' Ideologies --- Conservatism and Liberalism.

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The two ideologies, conservatism and liberalism had a huge impact on the 18th century. Conservatism is an idea which supports existing ways of doing things and opposes quick, major change. However, liberalism is the idea which encourages individual freedom and social progress.

The goal of conservatism was to prevent France from going to war again. The action was they strengthened countries around France. They created the kingdom of Netherlands. Also Prussia gained Rhine lands. Another goal of conservatism was to return Europe to the way it was in 1792 before Napoleon. Some actions taken was to allow Austria to take control of Italy. The last goal was to protect the new system and maintain peace. Some actions taken to achieve this goal was, gave power back to the monarchs of Europe. They created the concrete of Europe, organization to maintain peace in Europe.

Uprising in Europe was caused by the want for liberalism.

Frances' resurrection of the poniards restored absolute monarch. Belgium won in 1831, they wanted independence from Dutch. Italy divided the country into several rulings from families. In 1830, Poland staged uprising crushed Russian force.

As you can see, liberalism and conservatism changed the world completely in the 18th century. Prevented France from going to war, returned Europe to the ay it was in 1792, and protested the new system and maintained peace. There were many more changes too.