The events that led to the foundation dealt with foreign and domestic issues that surrounded the colonies.

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Internal and foreign affairs are situations that every person has do deal with to truly understand its background. The newly formed Union also had to deal with the same thing. Before 1790, the colonies were under great pressure from within them selves. The pressure led them to have an understanding basis for which they are able to understand and govern. The event that led to the foundation dealt with the foreign and domestic issues that surrounded the colonies.

The colonies, as a whole, were very un-organized before and after the revolution. They didn't think of themselves as a nation but more so as individual countries. This created a great problem during the war due to the fact they were unable to fight together. Vermont even attempted to declared independence from both the colonies and Britain. They failed. The other colonies were able to come together but only until the Treaty of Paris 1783, the end of the Revolutionary War.

Under a government rule of the Articles of Confederation it didn't allow for unified ruling among the colonies, promoted the states to have various government among the new nation. It didn't have the power to tax nor the power to make laws as a nation. With the country having such a large debt, they had no money and no authority to ask for any. With attempt to raise money a Shay's rebellion broke out among the farmers in 1786.

This rebellion gave government officials a reason to come together to change the Article of Confederation. In the original attempts, the articles were going to be rewritten. Instead the Framers wrote a new ruling of government, The Constitution. There were many discrepancies among the framing political parties but a compromise was made with the Bill of Rights.

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