Experiment: Does salt assist the restoration of melted ice cream?

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It is said that ice-cream will freeze faster if there is the assistance of some salt, whilst rolling the ice cream along with some ice. This experiment is to test if this statement is true or false.

If this is true it could help the 'general public', especially ice cream retailers who continually need they're ice cream frozen completely. Hypothetically speaking, if someone wanted they're ice cream restored back to its normal state, they could easily follow this experiment or in extreme cases, even make a machine based on this theory.


The ice cream will freeze faster based on the fact that a greater amount of salt will melt the ice faster, therefore causing the ice cream to freeze faster (Taken from a TV program and research done beforehand on the internet)


Two tubs of ice cream



Access to a Freezer

Big Cylindrical Container

1 cup of Ice

1 cup of Salt

1 Tea Towel


1. Buy two small tubs of Ice cream (1 litre preferably)

2. Eat of half of the ice cream in each container

3. After eating, leave the containers out in room temperature for 30 minutes. Ice cream should be almost in liquid form now

4. Place one of the ice cream containers back into the freezer with the lid on

5. Securely place the lid on the other ice cream container and place in a bigger container

6. Add one cup of ordinary table salt and one cup of ice into the bigger container with the ice cream tub already inside.

7. Get a tea towel and wrap around the bigger container

8. Roll on a flat surface for fifteen minutes and leave it out for another 10 minutes (Outside, not in the freezer)

9. Take...