Explain why Henry VII wished to to divorce Catherine of Aragon in 1527.

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This essay will examin why Henry VII wished to divorce Catherine of Argon in 1527.

The main reason why Henry wished to divorce Catherine was because she wasn't providing Henry with a healthy male heir. This is a problem for Henry because if he doesn't have a male heir then who will be King after he dies. Then there would be war on who would be king. Although Catherine di have achild who lived it was a girl named Mary. Most of her other pregnancies the child was still-born or sick and died.

Another reason why Henry wanted to divorce Catherine because, before Catherine married Henry she had been married to Henry's older brother. Arthur died when he was 14. Henry soon discovered there was a bible passage stating that if anyone should marry there dead brother's wife they will be childless. This worried Henry greatly.

Thirdly Henry had fallen in love with a young woman named Anne Boleyn. Anne would only be with Henry if he wasn't with Catherine. Anne was also very young which meant that she had a good chance of providing Henry with a healthy male Heir. Also Anne Boleyn was more attractive.

All of these reasons help persuade the Pope for a divorce. Henry gets Anne pregnant the child would not be legitement if Henry didn't marry her quickly.