To what extent were individuals responsible for the downfall of Bastista's regime?

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There were numerous factors contributing to Batista's downfall; most importantly, the role of individuals opposed to his regime. Also, Batista himself played a key part to an extent in his own downfall. There were also other causes apart from the roles of the individuals. These included the growing popularity of Fidel Castro, increasing discontentment of the people, strong dislike of the American influence evident in Cuba and Castro and Guevara's clever use of the radio. All of these attributed to the demise of Fulgencio Batista in 1959.

Batista prompted his own downfall by his corrupt, violent and controlling regime run by gangsters. This made the average people turn away from him and hope for a new leader. Batista's internationally recognised army hindered the people from rebelling by force. Batista only stayed in power as he protected big companies and their interests and the absolute support from the army. Another reason for his downfall was underestimating Fidel Castro and the effect Castro had on the people.

He was cruel and brutal to the Cuban people. Arrests made without proof and torture or death for those suspected of crime against Batista made the people live in fear, silently increasingly fuming until exploding point would inevitably arrive, then chaos would reign. The wealth of Cuba was ill spread. Money was poured into luxury hotels, casinos, building and villas, which differed immensely from the appearance of the poor people's homes. The problem with the general poverty of the workers was that they were only paid according to the sugar season, which was only part of the year. The fact that Batista did nothing about the increasing poverty angered the people as they felt that their leader did not care about the people's interests but his own.

As a result of the people's resentment of...