Facts And Figures About Holy Mosques In Mecca And Medina

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The Two Holy Mosques at Mecca and Medina occupy a prominent position in the thoughts of all Muslims. These two huge projects are considered the most ambitious and grand expansion projects ever to be completed in the history of these two places. Due to their venerable status in the hearts and minds of Muslims "" rich or poor, from the east or west "" a passion that vibrates the hearts to fulfillment, a great goal that all hearts seek to attain.

In Mecca, where is the Holy Ka'aba, or in Medina, where is the grave of the Prophet and from where the light of guidance does shine, gather believers in God and His last Prophet, responding to the immortal call, performing God's ordained rites, praying to their Lord to establish high His word, bring dignity to His religion, grant victory to His nation, and to bestow success, bounty and power to all Muslims in their respective homelands, holding them to the truth and binding their hearts in true brotherhood.

No city in the history of mankind has received the veneration and honor as has been bestowed upon the city of Mecca. There is a location of the Holy Ka'aba, the first house to be built purely for the worship of Allah as established on the site by Prophet Abraham and his son Ishmael (PBUT); to be a sacred shrine to where the revelation descended upon him and sent by God as a messenger and Prophet for all mankind to call for the worship of Allah without any partner. Additionally, Allah made the Kaba the Qiblah toward which all Muslims turn in performing their prayers and the pilgrimage to Mecca was established as a pillar of worship in Islam. The sanctity and holiness of Mecca has been preserved throughout...