The Fall Of The Roman Empire

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The fall of the Western Roman Empire was caused by economic, social, and political problems, as well as foreign invasions, slavery, and religious disputes. Being one of the most important moments in time, as well as one of the most important civilizations ever in creation, Rome is still questioned today as to its fall. Numerous reasons can support the fall of Rome, but all are still in question as to their importance. Though there are many relevant reasons as to why the Roman Empire fell, there are a few that have evidence to be extremely vital. I will try and prove that even though there were many potential reasons of why the Western Roman Empire fell, I believe that foreign invasions, economic and monetary problems, as well as the rise and influence of Christianity were among the main reasons and helped contribute immensely to Rome's fall.

One imperative reason as to Rome's fall could be the invasion of barbaric groups.

When Germanic tribes entered Rome, many Romans were not quite worried. They seemed harmless, poor and unintelligent compared to the Romans. They were only there to make a new name for themselves and have good jobs. But soon, different types of these Germanic groups began to invade Rome, they were all different kinds of groups. The most demanding and dangerous of them were the Visigoths. The Visigoths did not accept Rome's ruling and revolted against everything they did, killing their army and obliterating their empire by killing the emperor. Soon the Visigoth leader died and they left Rome. Soon after, a group called the Huns entered Rome, teaming up with some remaining Visigoths to destroy Rome completely. This group was very powerful and took over a lot of land while battling Rome. This group soon fled, and a new group,