How far did Henry VIII continue his father's work (1509-1514)

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How far did Henry VIII continue his father's work (1509-1514)

During Henry VII's reign the crown became strong due to Henry's organised hard work. The financial situation of the country was stable as Henry was careful with money and kept on top of his accounting. He gained revenue by managing his land successfully and using the land he had to gain the maximum income possible. He also used bonds and recognisances to increase his revenue. With this clever money mind, the country's finances became secure, as Henry wanted them. Henry ensured that he kept peace between France, Spain and Scotland through money, treaties and marriages. His excellent diplomatic skills meant that England did not have to expend on war and people became more relaxed as there was little threat of war. Henry had a Privy Council to advise him on matters and help him. This meant that although he did run the country almost by himself, he was not arrogant and sought advice from other.

The Justices of Peace were responsible for keeping law and order in the localities, this meant that people felt safer and had more respect due to fear of punishment.

When Henry VIII came to the throne he inherited his father's council most of which was the majority of men his father had chosen. The arrests of Dudley and Empson and their execution showed that Henry was trying to gain popularity and change the way the country was run. The execution of Edmund de la Pole, in 1514, showed clearly how perceived threats to the throne would be dealt with, surprisingly in a similar manner to his father's. Some of the bonds of Henry VII were cancelled as a gesture of goodwill, but the majority, which did not expire until the 1520's, were maintained. The young...