"Fear of Public Speaking"

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Fear of Public Speaking


Teacher (Mr. Smith)

4 Average Kids (Lyle, Ronald, Clever, Timmy)

1 Perfect Kid (Steve)

Perfect Kid's parent (Mr. Swanson)

(3 Kids and The Perfect Kid are standing on Stage just outside of the wings, Teacher walks to each one of them and straightens them up. The 4th kid runs in late)

Teacher: OK Children lets try mot to make this a repeat of last years performance.

All Kids(Not Together): Yes Mr. Smith.

(Teacher walks to podium, Students start fooling around, but not too much to get every one's the focus on them and not the teacher)

Teacher: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, we all unfortunately remember last years performance of the 5 food groups done by these very same students, but I have the honor to bring these students back to you again for a second try at it. These students are now in grade 5 and have learned their lesson from last year.

I hope you all enjoy this years topic for grade 5 African animals. First up we have the strong and talented speaker .......... Lyle Peterson (Motions to the audience to clap)

(All students but Lyle walks off. Teacher meets Lyle half way and whispers)

(Students ever once and a while poke their head out or wave)

Teacher: Do me proud Lyle and don't get nervous

Lyle(Nervous): OK Mr. Smith.

(Lyle walks to Podium)

Lyle: Hhhi everyone, I um uh to uhhh.

(Lyle motions the Teacher to come here)

Lyle: I.. I.. I.. can't do this.

Teacher: Just pretend their naked.

(Lyle looks at audience and starts to stare in amassment Looks at himself and runs off stage.)

Teacher: Lyle! Lyle!!! Uh.... Oh well Lyle Ladies and Gentlemen(Motions a clap) Next we have the confident, the aggressive speaker Ronald...