film industry..comparing hollywood and bollywood(indian film industry)

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Film industry is the world of dreams. It is a multi billion industry. You can create what you can't create in real life. It's the world of fantasy and creation. There are many kinds of films that are being released nowadays. Hollywood is the American film industry. Next to Hollywood is Bollywood, which is Indian film industry. In Bollywood films are made in Hindi.

Hollywood and Bollywood are the two main locations where commercial and art films are made. Bollywood produces nearly 98 percent commercial films and the remaining 2 percent makes up the art films. Hollywood however makes approximately 80 percent commercial films and 20 percent art films.

Commercial and Art cinema are two kinds of films. Commercial films are in turn divided into many types. In commercial cinema there will be a hero, heroin and a villain, whereas in art films we will find only common characters, which are close to nature and real.

Art films are generally made with a low budget, while commercial films are generally made with a high budget. Art films are somewhat close to nature like daily life, for example "1947 EARTH", which is an Indian film and it is an art film. In this movie there are big stars like Amir khan and Rahul khanna but they are not the heroes of the film and there are no heroes in that movie. It is the story of the partition of Bharth after independence. And the movie runs only according to the subject and human emotions.

Commercial films are generally made for making money. Commercial films are thrillers, horror, comedy or action. Seldom, do we find Hollywood commercial films without sex and vulgarity. Without any reason, some of the filmmakers are keeping sex in the movie just for making money. But...