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The Production Process

The production process of film- making consists of pre-production, production, and post-production, which takes a lot of hard work and determination to be completed by the cast, crew, producers, and directors. These steps make the project able to develop over time. These elements require a lot of steps in order to achieve the goals of finishing the project. The process usually requires a lot of creativity, and long hours of working on all the scenes.

During the process of pre-production the main goal is to have the script finalized. Pre-production usually begins when the studio gives permission for the film to take place. Locations are usually set, and many cast members are hired. Also, money needs to be put aside for the star's make up artist and hairdresser. When choosing a crew for the film, it is a very hard decision on the director because they want their crew to be as unique as possible, directors usually check up on each crew member's by seeing how much experience they have had.

They usually look at the recent films they worked on. This will make the choice easier by knowing the crew member's background history. A schedule is usually broken down containing all the elements of the cast, location, and the budget. This schedule makes the cast understand everything about the film. The timing of when to exactly shoot scenes needs to be planned during pre -production. It is a very important aspect towards the film. Another important aspect is money that will be needed for production of the film with the cast and crew to save up for their payment towards the film. Travel and food costs are something that can be a great expense. Sometimes films are shot around the world, and the actors need to...