The First Impressionist

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In Paris on Nvember 14, 1840 Oscar-Claude Monet was born. His mother's name was Louise Justine. His fathers name was Adolphe.

Oscar-Claude Monet dropped the Oscar from his name at the age of 15. Monets mother was a singer who died in 1857. his father died in 1971.

Monet felt like school was like prison. He went to a small private school. Because he hated it so much he went to College du Harve for high school. He got his own private art teacher named Thomas Couture later on.

Young Monet started his art career because of these words said by Thomas Troyon "show me what you do. Be serious about your art. You will succeed." Monet got married in Paris in the summer of 1870. Monet's father did not came to the wedding because he didnt like Monets fiance', Alice, nor did he ever meet her. Monet and Alice had a big family.

they had four sons; Jean, Jean Pierre, Micheal and Jacques. They also had three daughters; Blanche, Germaine and Suzanne.

In 1910 Alice feel ill with lukemia and died oen year later. Monet was then drafted into the millitary.

As an adult Monets friends were Pierre Auguste Renoir who was an artist and helped Monet when he had money troubles. Frederic Bazill ans Alfred Sisly were also some of his painting companions.

Some of Monets most famous painting are ones he made of Giverny before he even bought the land. It wasnt untill 1893 that he purchased a small piece of land and named it Giverny. he turned most of it into a garden.He did so because he felt that it was the best place for him to paint because it was so peaceful. the most famous part of Giverny is the pond with the Japaneese bridge. he actually didnt like having the pond but his kids loved to fish in it.

For a while monets paintings were not sellig. then in 1890 so many people wanted t buy them that he couldnt paint fast enough to meet the demands.

Monet finally had everything he wanted. He was a famous artist with a loving family.

In 1927 Oscar Clause Monet died. he had led an interesting life and had accomplished all his dreams.