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INTRODUCTIONChapter 3 of Watersheds 4 entitled Skunked details the past about fishing, and the potential future, if a future is possible, of our waterways if they continue to get over fished by the Worlds fishermen. Skunked also talks about the men and women whose lively hood revolves around the ability to fish and the contributions that are made by them, and what the future has in store if laws prohibit them from doing what they love. In my opinion the analysis creates a tough dilemma as to what should happen with our waterways and the men and women who fish them because if we continue to allow this type of mass fishing to continue then we run the risk of killing off a many species of fish. If we stop the fishing production then we run the risk of putting thousands of men and women out of work.

HISTORYCommercial fishing also know as industrial fishing dates back over a century and the techniques used to acquire the fish from various locations has evolved over the years in to what it is today.

It used to be that I would go to the banks of the Mississippi River with Granny with a cane pole and filament line with no reel. Granny and I would be out to catch catfish or what ever grabbed the hook, we would go not necessarily for food to eat just time for me and her to hang out; a pole and line just as it was done centuries ago. What technique that we never used, me and Granny, was netting, use of large nets to catch fish, which is what I feel originally started commercial/mass fishing.

What used to be a means of feeding a family, in some instances a village, has turned into big...