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Should the Flag Follow the Constitution I think before you, the American public, can come to a conclusion on the matter of "Should the Flag Follow the Constitution," you have to look at the constitution at every angle. Also you need to examine our flag and what the red, white, and stars represent. Then I think you can come to a good answer to a puzzling question.

First, let's start with the constitution. In my opinion the Constitution is the basis of our laws and legislative system. However, there is an aspect that the Constitution was written by rich, European males. At this time in our history the original authors of the Constitution did not think that our American society would be as complex and as multicultural as it is. Consequently, I think the flag does follow the Constitution in that aspect. The reason for this conclusion is that the flag represents the American Revolution Era, to me, because the red represents blood meaning lives lost, the white represents freedom, and the original stars represented the colonies that was established.

Therefore the flag does follow the Constitution in the aspect representing one race.

I think the flag should follow the Constitution. For the simple reason the constitution is what makes America-America. The Constitution makes us, and the flag represents us. However, I think the flag should be redesigned to represent what America really is ....MULTICULTURAL! The Constitution gets changed when people add new amendments, so why can't the flag have new design?