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Flight Throughout the Classic story "Flight" Pepe the main Character encounters many events that shape him in to the character he has become. Whether through contact with people or the setting he was always influenced. This essay will present the way the setting has shaped his character. In this case the setting also includes the influence of wildlife. Pepe's character is hidden among the events he encounters.

The effect of the setting has hevily affected Pepe's actions. The way that Steinbeck describes that Pepe's wrist flicked like the head of a snake is one example of how the setting has affected him. The night that he had gone to Ms. Rodriguez's house and had too much to drink he accidently murdered he. Through all of this he had become a man because of the fact that he needed to take responsibility for his adult actions. He had changed into a different person.

When Pepe had gone on into the mountains alone he accidently shot his horse. Steinbeck described Pepe as moving up the mountain with the instinctive care of an animal like the horse.

The character of Pepe has become confused. Pepe at this point in the story was strugglingto survive. Every movement around Pepe always seemed to alarm him. It seemedthat the nature around him was becoming bothersome. Everything that meant something to him he had left behind him. Pepe began to become part of the setting around him. Eventually ending his life in the setting.

Pepe winds up paying the price for his actions. From the beginning of his journey things did not seem to work out well for pepe. He lost many of the possessions that were vital for his survival. He seemed to panic a lot when he heard noises in the brushes. When the gun...