Four things about the Roman Empire that intrigues people

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There is no doubt that The Roman Empire was one of the greatest empires ever to have existed. The foundations that led to the development of this empire were its military, its geographical region, and most importantly of all its cunning leadership. These factors led to the creation of an unassailable empire that set out to conquer the world. Four aspects of the Roman Empire really grabbed my attention: the military, the republic, the social classes, and the pride of the people.

The Roman military was fierce and undefeatable. Their art of war was superior, and their tactics were very calculated; no other force could stand up to the greatest militia at the time. Why was it the greatest militia at the time? Boys were taught to be soldiers since they were born. Parents thought that the best way to make a boy strong was by treating him harshly. Not many survived to be of age but those who did were the strongest and fiercest of Romans.

It is in this manner that Rome bore the best soldiers. They fought with Rome in their heart. We can see this by the way they took Carthage and burned the whole city. They were very wise when it came to military, and every action was calculated. For example when they burned the whole city of Carthage, burning along with it 700 years of culture, the Roman military knew the whole world would be intimidated; thus they would not revolt. As the book describes Roman ferocity, "the Romans killed to inspire terror, not in a savage frenzy but as the disciplined components of a fighting machine." They were gods of war; they knew when to do it and how to do it to get the most out of it. For example leaving severed...