frankenstein and industrial revolution

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Aayushi Prajapati

Frankenstein is a classic book during the time of Industrial Revolution due to the growing technology and industries all through the time period. Frankenstein shows the affect of emerging technology and the positive and negatives that come along with it. Similarly, during industrial revolution many industries grew. While many people also got stable jobs, the revolution also came with many negative factors that affected the society as a whole. Even though Victor Frankenstein had a good motive behind the man-made monster, it still caused problems that he never expected. The changes throughout his character only show how the knowledge that Frankenstein learns contributes to his downfall since he does not realize the dangers of knowledge. This is the perfect book to illustrate the revolution which took place because it shows the different aspects of the growing technology over the years. Even though many businesses had ordinary intentions behind the industries, it still came with unexpected affects that were not intended.

Industrial revolution came with many good affects upon society such as the life span of an average human growing, the profits of businesses rising, and bigger luxuries for the rich. But it also had many negative aspects that affected society which are still in effect in today's' society. Due to the rising demand of new industries, a lot of pollution was caused and over the years it worsened. Industrial revolution was also the start to child labor which is still existent today. Therefore, Frankenstein is a great example to depict the revolution of society with good intentions that come along with many negative consequences that can be the downfall for a society.

Although FRANKENSTEIN, was written in the 1800s, it is extremely easy to relate to. The relationship between the monster and Frankenstein show the rejection and revenge...