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Franz Kafka as Gregor Samsa The Novel, The Metamorphosis, written by Franz Kafka, is a widely read story about a young salesman, working day in and day out to support his family, consisting of an overbearing father, a calm and quiet mother and a pleasant younger sister, while paying back their dept. Overnight, the salesman, Gregor Samsa, transforms into a large beetle. Many problems occur due to this change. Many aspects of The Metamorphosis are directly related to Franz Kafka?s life.

One of the rather simple comparisons of Gregor Samsa and Franz Kafka are their last names. The A?s remain in the same place in both names. However, the K?s in Kafka are replaced with S?s and the F is replaced with an M. This is not a coincidence.

Another relationship between Kafka and Gregor Samsa are their family members and placement. Both men have an over demanding father and a sensitive mother.

They both have a younger sister as well. Gregor Samsa feels very secluded from his family members. He is completely surrounded by four walls with a usually locked door. (Sokel 169) In Kafka?s diary he stated, ?The door was locked in consideration of his age (Sokel 169). However, his nephew had his door wide open each night before he went to bed: ?The door indicated that they still wanted to lure Felix into the family while I was already excluded,? Kafka also acknowledged in his diary (Sokel 169).

In the book, Mr. Samsa shows many signs of dislike for his son, Gregor. After the family finds out about Gregor?s metamorphosis, his father pitilessly ?drove him back, hissing and crying ?shool? like a savage? (Kafka 6). When Gregor could not fit through his door because of his size and shape, while attempting to retreat after seeing his family?s...