French and Indian War

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"To what extent did the American Revolution create a 'revolution' in American society from 1775 to 1800"?

The American Revolution was not a traditional revolution, it was not a social reform in the sense that the institutional foundation of the old order and a complete transfer in power to a new social group, completely changing the dynamic of society as a whole, as in the one that occurred in France in 1789. Though the American Revolution didn't create such a dramatic change, but it still had its historic significance, it created the nation now known as the United States, it transformed the loyal subjects of the king into a republic, it also helped level the social status within the people. Though the Revolutionary War began on April 19 1775, the road to revolution began years before in 1763.

The road to revolution began years before the actual war began.

It began with the "salutary neglect"- the colonist took advantage of the fact that the British were not enforcing the Navigation laws very strictly. When the British we began to tighten up in their control on the colonies, this led to smuggling goods, and problems with the crown. The problems began to worsen as the British decided to bring an end to salutary neglect; George Grenville came to the colonies to gain more control for the king, he enforced the navigation laws. Due to the war debts because of the French and Indian War, the British began to impose taxes on the colonist: the Sugar Act 1764, Quartering Acts 1765, and the Stamp Act 1765. The Sugar Act was the first law passed by Parliament to increase the tax revenue on foreign sugar, this led to other unfair taxes on the paper and stamps, other...