French Revolution

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Napoleon's return to an autocratic government saved the French revolution, and all it stood for; and saving France from a near potentially anarchic situation. Napoleon although an autocratic dictator, was nothing like his predecessors (nor was he like king Louis XVI). Napoleon was in touch with all French men and worked for the good of all French people, and introduced new reforms and change. Napoleon's autocratic government made many important decisions that were duly welcomed by many French people. Napoleon changed the way of life for many French people, which placed increased confidence in French government and leadership; by instituting the destruction of the corrupt directory(or also known as the Coup d'etat). France's political changes and restructure, paved the way for radical social changes in many areas of French society (e.g. personal rights & freedom, education, roads, public works and laws etc). Increased territory to the France (on napoleons command) meant further glory to France, and inturn meant increased wealth for the French government.

The most important of all Napoleons achievements was the formation of the Bank of France; this generated positive interest in the French economy and encouraged investment in France.

The coup d'etat was an act by Napoleon and Emmanuel Sieyes to overthrow the Directory. The Directory was a new form of government that was established in 1795. It consisted of five members that were elected by both houses of the legislature. This form of government was proved even less effective than the Legislative Assembly and the national convention. Within the Directory there was incompetence and corruption that was putting France in a major debt. It didn't do much to solve the financial problems and military problems in France.

Attacks on the republic and other conservatives increased. Rising prices and disrupted production drove some groups...