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Colonial America Journal

1: Why did you move to the New World?

Dear journal, I always wondered what the new world would be like, and it turns out I finally got to. Around two weeks ago, my dad told me we were moving to South Carolina. Since my dad was a Lord Proprietor and heard about the fertile land he decided that moving would give him a chance to earn money by selling land to the settlers. I am also very grateful that me and my family can finally express our religion

Uncle is farmer

settlers were mostly Anglicans, Catholics, Baptists, Lutherans, and Presbyterians.

Moved from England

Meet indian Like European cities, Charleston had walls for protection against

Indians and European enemies.

During the 1500�s, people from Spain and France began to form settlements on the land which is now North Carolina and South Carolina.

The Lords Proprietors sent 100 people to settle in South Carolina in 1669.

When these people arrived at Albemarle Point in 1670, they started the first settlement known as Charles Town. It was later shortened to Charleston. The settlers built homes, shops, and a port. Cheap land and religious freedom drew many people to South Carolina and Charleston grew quickly, as more and more people from England came to this town. Unfortunately, crops did not grow well in the swampy land, and colonists survived only from shipments of food from England, and by trading with Indians.

The Lords Proprietors of South Carolina lived in England and sent governors to rule over the colony. In order to make money, settlers were charged rent to live there. The governors took advantage of the settlers and continuously raised the rent. In 1719, the colonists rebelled, throwing the governor out of office, and making South Carolina a...