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In the year 2035, humans discovered secret military bases on Mars. They detected that the Martians were building a huge nuclear rocket, and planned to launch it to earth. The humans sent their popular hero, Captain Smith, to defuse the rocket. Captain Smith and his most brilliant sidekick Steven landed near the secret military base with a few other members of their crew.

The sweat hung heavy on Steven's cold features. As they left the ship he stopped and gazed at the sky, he saw nothing but a thin sprinkling of stars and an awful lot of black, it was pretty much the same view he had had for the past few hours on the ship. When they reached the base, Steven kept a close eye on the shadows that covered every doorway, as Martians might lurk around any corner. It seemed impossible to enter the maximum-security facility and defuse the rocket in the 33 minutes they now had left.

As they advanced to the main control room, suddenly someone shouted for them to stop. It was the guard outside the main control room. Steven knew it was the main control room because during his briefing he had been seen a map of this entire facility.

"Don't you know who I am?" Steven said. It was all in the attitude; Steven knew act like you had the power and people believed you. The guard looked at him a little taken aback by this comment,

"No sir, I don't believe I do."

"Well, you should" said Steven as he whisked past the man into the main control room with the guard in close pursuit.

"Wait!" protested the guard, "You can't go in there, you don't have clearance!"

"Check it out with your commanding officer," snapped Steven, "he'll tell you what...