Gap in the text from "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen

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Imaginative Text

GAP: Mr. Darcy and Miss Bingley convince Bingley to remain in London for the winter. The text fits best between chapters 21 and 22.

After lamenting it however at some length, she had the consolation of thinking that Mr. Bingley would be soon down again and soon dining at Longbourn, and the conclusion of all was the comfortable declaration that, though he had been invited only to a family dinner, she would take care to have tow full courses.



The meeting of which Miss Bingley alluded to in the opening sentence of her letter, addressed to the eldest Miss Bennet, was taking place as planned at Mr. Hurst's house in Grosvenor Street. The home was all that a home of persons in the position of the Hurst's should be, and the dining room made a very pleasing place to have a dinner party.

The group of two, Mr. Darcy and Miss. Bingley, was welcomed heartily by the Hursts and by application of the guests, Mr. Bingley was also called for, to join them in having dinner that evening. Such a sudden removal from Hertfordshire the previous day by Mr. Darcy and Miss Bingley was the focus of many questions which were quickly ended by the curt response they were met with. The only real explanation was a desire to converse with Mr. Bingley on a matter with so serious a nature to prompt them quitting Netherfield and joining with him in London as quickly as possible.

Mr. Bingley soon arrived and was to be the object of the pair's attention for the greater part of the evening. Out of all present Mr. Bingley was perhaps the most surprised at the unplanned arrival of his friend and sister as he had only...