Gatsbys Personal Journey

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Gatsby's Personal Journey In the book The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Mr. Jay Gatsby takes a personal journey to achieve his one main goal; to reunite with what he thinks is his one true love Daisy Buchanan. Gatsby dedicates five years of his life just to be with her. He first met Daisy in nineteen-seventeen, before he went to war. He was not rich and she was very rich. He wanted to have a lot of money and he liked that she was beautiful and rich. He desperately wanted to be part of her world. Gatsby went out with Daisy for a while until he went to fight in World War I. When he was fighting in the war, Daisy met Tom Buchanan. They fell in love, got married, and had a little girl named Pammy. When Gatsby got back from the war, he was still poor.

He went to Oxford for five months but then left. Then he met a gangster named Meyer Wolfsheim. Meyer Wolfsheim was a bootlegger. A bootlegger is someone who smuggled in alcohol when it was illegal during Prohibition. Mr. Wolfsheim let Gatsby in on his business and soon Gatsby had what he had always wanted. Money! He then started his journey to find his lost love Daisy. He found out where she lived and bought a huge house across the lake from where she lived. Gatsby threw huge parties with many important people hoping Daisy would see it and come over and they would live together happily ever after. Well, she never came and Gatsby was sad. Then he met Nick, his neighbor. Nick and Gatsby become friends. Later, Gatsby found out that Nick and Daisy were cousins. He asks Nick if he could hook him and Daisy up. Nick agrees and invites Daisy over to his house and reunited the old lovers. At first, both of them are shocked to see each other and don't say much to each other, but then they start talking and eventually start a love affair. Gatsby knew Daisy was married to Tom, but that didn't matter to him. It didn't really matter to Daisy since Tom was also cheating on her and she knew very well that he was. When Gatsby and Daisy start their little love affair, Gatsby sees no reason for continuing throwing parties so he stops. For a short while Gatsby is so happy with his life. He thinks he has finally accomplished his life long dream of being rich and being part of a beautiful rich girls world. Then on a very hot and terrible day, after telling Tom that she never loved him and she loved Gatsby, she accidentally hits and kills Tom's mistress, Myrtle, with Gatsby's car. Gatsby said that he would take full responsibility for the accident. He brought Daisy home and watched her window incase Tom decided to get violent. Tom and Daisy made up their differences and decided to stay together. Gatsby went home. The next day Wilson, Myrtle's husband, asked Tom if he knew who killed his wife and Tom told him that Gatsby did it. Wilson shot and killed Gatsby then killed himself. In a way, Gatsby successfully completed his journey. Even though it was only for a short while, he still had what he had strided for his entire life; to have a rich, complete life-style. That kind of makes you think, doesn't it? Would you ever want something so bad that you would dedicate your entire life just to fit in or what not, and then die for it? Hmmmmmmmmmmm...................................