Genetic Engineering

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Human genetic engineering has the key to ending international conflict and suffering. With the ability to genetically enhance the minds of the future generations, this will bring about better leaders and thinkers. These minds would be able to help all countries find new economic stability, as well as a strong government that would bring peace to the world. Genetic engineering can bring many different benefits for human kind for numerous reasons. It can be used to bring an end to genetic diseases by being able to remove the infected genes, so it can not be passed on further generations. Another advantage to genetic engineering is that a family can add desirable characteristics to their future child (Suzuki). Genetic engineering will be able to bring many great things to individuals as well as to society.

Genetic engineering began about fifty years ago with the discovery of the physical structure of DNA (Quick 01 Apr 27).

Since then many advances have come about in the field of human genetics. An important discovery in 1981 was when the first human disease was diagnosed prenatally by analyzing DNA (Suzuki 26). This led to the idea that genetic disease could be prevented by removing the infected gene from the embryo. Today removing an infected gene from a person is called gene therapy, which can be a remedy for disease, as well as a method for preventing disease (Quick 01 Apr 27).

Genetic engineering is a future remedy for disease and, a method for preventing disease by genetic manipulation (Quick 01A). Genetic therapy involves permanent changes to a person's genome by germ-cell alteration (Suzuki 30). This procedure is known as genetic engineering or germ-line gene therapy, which results in a change of heritable characteristics (Lee). These changes are done to them in the fertilized egg...