Genocide Today: A brief summary.

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In a report published by Enough, a project to abolish genocide and mass atrocities, in 2007, a profound question is asked: "Why does the international community allow these conditions to persist (Enough, 2007)?" Enough is asking this question about the atrocities of genocide that are occurring at an alarming rate in Eastern Congo, and in other parts of the world.

Enough implies that the reason the world does not take a bigger interest in the atrocities happening in Eastern Congo is due to the world having "no vested strategic interest (Enough, 2007). In other words, there is no political or economic investment or interest in this piece of the world, and without political and economic investment and with no concerns of national security, the world community is looking the other way.

Another reason for a lack of interest among the world community in the genocide that is occurring in Eastern Congo is the attention being directed at Darfur. So many are campaigning for peace in Darfur that it puts Eastern Congo to the wayside and the donors that are giving money to the humanitarian efforts in Eastern Congo are not offering any political or diplomatic efforts to put an end to the cause behind the violent and unimaginable acts that take place in Eastern Congo daily (Enough 2007).

Innocent civilians in Eastern Congo are being terrorized, starved and killed daily by three militia groups fighting amongst each other. The Congolese, Rwandan and Ugandan militia are going on killing sprees and killing innocent civilians in acts of revenge against one another.

Enough calls for more support for International Criminal Courts to be allowed to more effectively prosecute...