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Jeremy Hudson TURB HHH. Gentrification

Downtown living can be a convenient and exciting way to live one's life. People obviously have been doing it for many years. Because people have been doing it for so long it leads to inevitable wear and tear and break down of structures and this leads to gentrification and overdue remodels of multi-unit living quarters. "Rumford's importance to the history of technology is due largely to his pioneering attempts to apply scientific reasoning to an aspect of home life". (Rybcynski 1987: 131) Rybcynski was illustrating how gentrification was introduced and importantly how people recognized the need for improving existing structures. I feel that gentrification and city governments of downtown living need to take more concern for homelessness, displaced residents, and making sure that the mixing of market rate housing with affordable housing is done with fairness and equality.

Homeless people are a major population of a downtown urban community, therefore, they should be considered more carefully when major city reforms are made.

The conditions they live in should be improved and the help they need should be given to them. A problem with some cities today is that homeless people are seen as a major threat to the everyday life of people and how the homeless are handled is endangering them. Pushing the homeless out of an area forces them to relocate and their relocation may not be to a place that is life sustaining. A solution that is common is building a multi-unit facility for them or using an existing structure to house them. The problem that is currently happening is that they are allowed to continue with their bad habits which include but are not limited to: excessive drinking, drug use, prostitution, violence, not taking or even abusing prescription medication. "For example, 39...