George Orwell and William Golding; Lord of the Flies and Animal Farm, two vastly different texts, or are they?

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Orwell and Golding use vastly different writing styles, but their message is the same - that mankind is hopeless. Discuss this statement with reference to both "Animal Farm" and "Lord of the Flies".

Since the beginning of time man has struggled to comprehend the difference between good and evil. Our ancestors spent their lives looking for truth, yet none could be found. Is there indeed a good of all goods and an evil of all evils? The two are so similar, and yet so different. The truth is, no one being is perfect, nor were we created to be. No one thing can be the source of all evil, or the source of all good. Yet man battles with himself, to determine what is right. But what, then, is truly right? If there is an evil, then Humans should be deemed to be the most evil of all creatures.

We are manipulative, egotistic and dominating.

We have the urge to be the dominating force in the universe. We strive for superiority and aim for domination. Yet are such feelings to be considered wrong? Cannot they just be classified as instincts, which many other animals have? No, for we are indeed intelligent creatures and instead of exercising our superiority we should be learning of others greatness. We, as indeed intelligent beings should stray from the common selfishness and anger. Yet, they seem to be much easier to arouse, harder to abolish.

In his novel "Animal Farm", George Orwell portrays the animals with human-like feelings and emotions. He uses satire to demonstrate the full extent of human emotion. Though the story is about animals, there are very few who think it is just that. The satire gives the story enough appeal to readers, but the message rings as solemn as ever. George...