Giuseppe Garibaldi

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Giuseppe Garibaldi

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He planned the unification of Italy. He was sentenced to death but he scaped to South America. When he was living in South America 1836-1848 he participated in the war against of argentina fighting with Uruguay. Giuseppe Garibaldi was Italy's best soldier . He paricipated in the Risorgimiento, the risorgimento was a nationalistic movement that planed the liberation. He had a very small army which he controlled from montevideo.

After he was in South America he went to the United States and North Africa. The living in the two continets made him earn the name of (hero of the 2 worlds).

He could return to Italy in the year 1854. Piedemonte was fighting a war against austria which Garibaldi helped him fight. He succeded against the Austrians in Milan. and also against the french forces. The Papal states declared him a hero. He served in the army of Sardinia, meanwhile he was influenced by the prophet of nationalism.

In 1860 he started a revolt, to capture Sicily and Naples. He dint like Italian liberals and he wanted to expand the territory of sardinis. A guy called Premier Cavour was the chief minister of Sardinia and of king Emanuel II. They were the only ones who supported him and the only ones who helped him, because he had no support from the government. In this time he was governing Sardinia. Premier Cavour and King Emanuel II were only going to help him if he proved that he was succesfull. He arived at marsala, sicily, proclaiming himself dictator using the name,Victor Emanuel. He came with 1000 Red shirts. Then he fought on the Volturno River. Ha also deafeted at the battle of Calatafimi, his troops deafeted the army of the king of Naples. The biggest battle of...