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1. Geography· Definition: The features of the earth's surface for a certain region, such as mountains and rivers, along with other elements like climate are part of geography.

· Geography has been present throughout history.

· Every region would have a part of geography to make them distinct from others.

· Geography is a very essential part of certain regions. For example, if a region is an island and is surrounded by water, that would effect what type of food the people eat, the cultivation of certain types of vegetation, domestication of what animals, the trading with which locations, influence of water transport, and much more. In conclusion, geography would affect every factor that contributes to the regions lifestyle.

2. Archeology· Definition: Archeology is the study of the culture of past human life by observing remains that were left behind such as artifacts.

· Archeology might have been a field in which many archeologists has been studying for a while now and is still being studied.

· Archeologists have been all around the globe finding different evidence of past lives, so there is no specific single location in which archeology is being performed.

· The importance of archeology is that it helps us understand people and societies, how we became to be, and etc.

3. AnthropologyDefinition: The scientific study of the origin, the behavior, and the physical, social, and cultural development of humans.

· This study of humans has been preformed throughout numerous dates of history.

· Since humans have populated a vast amount of the earth, anthropology can be associated with many regions.

· Anthropology can help us embrace those aspects of past human existence such as the evolution of humans.

4. Cartography· Definition: The making of maps and charts to represent earth's surface.

· Cartography is a practice...