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Glossophobia is considered to be the fear of speech. Some people say they would rather die than speak in public. In fact Glossophobia, of fear of speaking, has surpassed even dying in some surveys. It is believed to be the single most common phobia , effecting as much as 75% of all people. Glossophobia is considered a social phobia and may be linked to or sometimes precede a more severe anxiety disorder.

I consider myself to have this fear of speech. When I stand up in front of a classroom full of people I break out in a sweat my mouth gets dry making my voice squeaky. The same thing happens when I get called on to answer an question in class. I have gotten better at speaken up in class but I still have the problem when I ger in front of a crowd of people. When I go places with my friends I kind of shy off and let them do all of the talking.

My friends just think I am shy. I have learned a lot about this phobia and have learned how to adjust to some of it, I have come a long way considering I would not even raise my hand to answer questions, and now I can sit among my peers and hold a conversation with them. It gives me confidence and maybe one day I will sit in front of an whole class and deliver an speech.

Many people's fear of Public Speaking can be traced back to something like an incident at school where, when called upon by the teacher to speak, other kids teased them. When a person has a negative experience, the brain can link the negative feelings associated with that experience to other similar experiences. At school the...