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What proofs have been provided of the existence of god? Do you think that science is able to contribute to this debate, either to prove that God exists, or that he does not? 1 Abstract 2 Introduction a History of this debate From the time of Plato, there have been a considerable number of arguments postulated in favour of the existence of God. The definition of the word 'God' is ambiguous and has been used in so many different senses by different thinkers. However, all the debates in some ways or another clearly investigate on whether 'God exists'.

Before looking deeper into the subject, a historical review will be an aid to our understanding.


The trend of thoughts over this debate has undoubtedly been tainted by revolutions in social, political and moral acceptances. In medieval times, for example, one would be punished for disbelief in God or for questioning the 'sacred texts'.

Galileo had his finger cut off for 'blasphemy' when he simply postulated that the earth revolved around the sun as this questioned statements in the Holy Bible.

b Why is it important to debate this? The existence of a 'God', or 'Supreme Being' is very important in the life of a human being. In fact, it is very dear to many believers who have faith in a God and other devotees who practise a religion. Religion, which acknowledges God as the 'Supreme Being' who is the master of us all, is merely an instrument of a belief in the existence of God. But first and for all, it is a question of human existence, human life, his purpose on earth and finally, the ultimate death. The significance of a God also leads to some definition of the code of practice to be adopted in life, helping humans...