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Good communication allows individuals to satisfy their specific needs. Communication is the ability to convey meaningful messages between ourselves and other people. Needs such as Physical, intellectual, social and emotional can be met through communication. Problems may occur if communication does not happen such as if a person misunderstands the message that is being conveyed, their needs or the senders needs may not be met, ie physical. A person could go hungry for example if they don't communicate with the supplier. An individuals intellectual needs may not be met if they do not ask questions. Their social needs may not be met if they don't communicate with their friends and family, or even their emotional needs if they do not talk about their problems and feelings

Social needs are important, just like any other need social needs need to be met. Social needs can affect peoples self esteem and self confidence.

It can be emotionally damaging to ones self esteem if they do not feel they are being accepted by other people or their peers. Effective communication can increase satisfaction and meet social needs , for example if one is spending to much time sitting at home by themselves it is probably because they are not asking their friends to go out, they are waiting for their friend to ask them. This shows an example of poor communication.

Problems that may occur when communication is not effective is that one may not have friends anymore because their friends may think the reason they are not trying to communicate is because the do not want to, not realizing that that person may just be shy therefore they may stop communicating with that person if they are not making an effort. When a person has no one to communicate with they...