The Gorgias

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The Gorgias The Gorgias written by Plato is a book about rhetoric being questioned as being The greatest art, and also about good and evil in political events. It can be argued that the World that we live in today is so corrupted that the issue of good and evil doesn't matter any more in political activities. It is all about what is best for the community, city or country and anything will be said or done, whether it is good or evil to achieve what is required for the society to prosper. The art of Rhetoric has to do with persuasion and if one can be persuaded into giving you what you want or desire you are said to be a rhetoric. The arguments that Plato made in Gorgias all have to deal with the problems that we are facing in the 21st century. The main issues that are relevant to today and still need to be answered after centuries are how does knowledge and belief differ, how does rhetoric have persuasion on someone, the issue of pleasure being good versus pain being evil, and whether it is better to do injustice or to be a victim of injustice.

Both Plato and Socrates felt that rhetoric is usually used for reasons to benefit oneself. Gorgias says that rhetoric is "the queen of all arts" while Socrates argues that rhetoric is simply "a knack for humouring the audience." Both ideas have relevance to them in the sense that some people try to manipulate people into doing things for personal gain, while some people persuade people into doing things for the challenge to show that they have control. What a person is taught is what he or she usually believes.

Whether it is false belief or true belief to change ones...