How I got the passion of being a successful Pediatrician.

Essay by aashi October 2006

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Kids of all ages have always fascinated me. I used to spend a lot of time taking care of younger relatives and enjoyed it tremendously. By the time I was in my 10th grade and had to make a formal decision about my future, there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to be a doctor and that too a Pediatrician. This made me to endure many challenges to start a career in medicine. As part of the rigorous process, I went on to take the state wide entrance test and qualified in it with flying colors. This tremendous success allowed me to choose Omarcs Medical College, one of the premier for medical undergraduate study.

In the first two years of my medical school, I became fascinated to the wealth of information presented to students about the basic Sciences. During my clinical rotations, even thought I found all of them incredibly challenging and fulfilling, particularity those experiences acquiring more patient contact and continuity of care, I always find myself gravitating towards the infants, the kids and the tin age patients.

The variety of patient age and the degree of illness make Pediatrics extremely appealing to me.

During my clerkship, I used to spend most of my free time in wards and NICU interacting with my young patients and going through their treatment records. What struck me was their remarkable resilience. There was a 10 year boy with potts spine who was unable to walk, the 6 year old girl with rickets whose bones were so bent out of shape that she could not even stand and 8 month old baby suffering from Pneumonia. Despite their suffering, they kept their spirits up. These experiences strengthened my resolve to peruse residency in Pediatrics.

Always interested in education and...