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The Central Intelligence Agency: Provider and Preserver of Security and JusticeThe letters "C, I, and A" do not mean more than part of the alphabet to most unless they are thrown together to create the respected acronym that we all know - the C.I.A. At first sound of the organization we all think of men in black suits and sunglasses that possess the sternest faces, and have complete seriousness and devotion toward their positions. Movies, television, and the rest of pop-culture have made them out to be just that all the time, but we have to wonder what else is there? The Central Intelligence Agency is a 20th century organization that has built a prestigious name for itself. Some of our nation's deepest secrets and truths are rumored to be obtained by the people of this group and is what makes it so interesting. I am not a member of the CIA, nor do I have direct affiliation to any, but I do look to find out more about this department of our government, how it came to be, and what exactly the people who make up its task force do.

Like most organized countries, the United States has carried out intelligence activities within its government since the time of the Revolutionary War. Obviously the CIA did not exist back then, because it was not until the times of World War II that an official intelligence organization became coordinated by the government itself. The times were changing…especially those dealing with war, weapons, and tensions with other countries, nuclear threats, and foreign policy. In fear of falling behind in the strategic elements of the epic war, and in order to stay with the times, President Franklin D. Roosevelt sought to create an organization to deal with these growing issues. He was...