Grade 4 Narrative

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Friends come in and out of our lives on a constant basis but when you are 9 or 10 years old losing these people is very hard. I had two best friends from kindergarten to third grade and then in fourth grade they left me to hang out with another one of my friends. Fourth grade and even part of fifth grade were very lonely years. Sadly it was not as if my friends gradually let me down. Instead they suddenly just stopped talking to me. Every day we would meet down by the tree in the middle of the soccer field and hang out but one day they did not show up and it continued for a week with me thinking that their lunch had gotten changed. Until one I found them playing with other people. This is when the real world hit me. Some friends even your closest ones are not your true friends.

Abby and Tara were more than just my friends; they were practically my sisters because we had grown up together, played soccer, done brownies (girl scouts). And to be cold shouldered by them has affected me even today. I am still friends with Alex, the girl they ran off to play with, but she in return is friends with Abby and Tara and whenever she wants to hang out together with all three of us things are very awkward one because I do not trust Tara anymore, and I think both of them feel guilty of what happened in fourth grade.

While fourth grade was very lonely for me fifth and sixth grade was where I found my true friends; all of who I am still friends with. I had a great time in fifth and sixth grade I hung out...