Great Expectations

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Great Expectations

The Story starts out with the early life of Pip. Around age 8 or 9 he goes to Satis House at the request of an old woman named Ms. Havisham. He goes there to play with Ms. Havisham's adopted daughter, Estella. Now, understand that Estella was brought up very differently than most little girls. She was brought up in a way that will backlash her mother in the end. Estella's main mission in life is to take revenge on the Male sex. Estella has no heart, no room to be loved, she cannot even feel emotions. Estella warned Pip on three occasions not to expect anything from her.

On one occasion, Pip returned to Satis House. Pip and Estella were now all grown up. While they walked through the garden, Pip asked Estella if he remembered when she made him cry when they were younger.

She told him no, she did not remember. Then, Estella looked directly at Pip and said "you must know, that I have no heart- if that has anything to do with my memory" (p. 126).

On the second occasion Pip and Estella were talking in the chambers. Pip asked her how she had been and they began to chat about the Pocket family and Pip's Great Expectations. Estella was rude and unpredictable as usual. After a kiss on the hand from Pip to Estella stated, "will you take no warning of me? Or do you kiss my hand in the same spirit in which you kissed my cheek" (p.139)? But Still, Pip took no actions of her warning.

On the third occasion, Pip and Estella were in a park. They often enjoyed many activities it seemed to most. But, Pip was never happy. No matter what they did. Anything done...