"Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens.

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the novel Great Expectations by Charles Dickens Pip has a chance to visit London. When he arrives Pip has an opportunity to experience what London is all about. The realities of the city are disappointing to Pip.

In Pip's viewpoint London is immense, ugly, crooked, narrow, and dirty. To begin with, London is a dirty disgraceful place in Smithfield the ground is filled with filth, fat, blood, and foam spread on the ground. Also, the city is very noisy because of the fact that there are a lot of vehicles passing by and there are many drunken men in the street. London is full of lively sprits since the trials were on and the air arose of a strong smell of alcohol. In London around the corner of Mr. Jagger's office is Smithfield which is located the black dome of Saint Paul and behind it is the New Gate's prison.

In Pip's opinion Mr. Jagger's office is not the best office or has the best clients it is a greasy and a dismal place. To start with, Mr. Jagger's office located on a gloomy street. When Pip was taken to the back chamber he saw a gentleman against the wall with one eye in a velveteen suit and he wiped his nose with his sleeve. After the one eye gentleman was kicked out Pip was left alone in the room which was lighted by only skylight through a window in the ceiling. There he found different objects such as a pistol, a sward, boxes, and two swollen faces that once belong to criminals. Mr. Jagger's walls were greasy because of client's shoulders when they backed against the walls as the pervious gentleman did. Mr. Jagger's office is quite small and was filled of hot exaughsted air.

In Pip's perspective...