The Great Gatsby

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One of the hardest this to do is still be pleasant when you are surrounded by ignorant jerks.

In The Great Gatsby by: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Nick has to do this for he has to deal with Tom, Daisy, and Jordan. Sure he does not have to but he's caring, he is open-minded and he hardly gets angry that's what makes him better than them.

One time that shows Nick is caring is when Nick and Jordan are out driving Nick suggest that Jordan be more careful. This shows that Nick cares about Jordan's life but Jordan doesn't even care. Another time is when the only people to show at Gatsby's funeral were nick and Gatsby's father. In other words nick cares enough to be there. * * = Wolfshire would have been there if he went to funerals Nick also listens to people whenever Gatsby he needs some one to talk to.

This shows how open- Minded and willing to listen to people he is. Another example that Nick is open minded is that he doesn't Jump to judgement when it comes to the two affairs between his friends. This shows he is really opened Minded and will keep his mouth shut.

Another quality of Nick's is that he doesn't get mad when at the hotel nick says it's his birthday I'd be mad I that fight broke out on my birthday. This shows how calm nick is.

Also nick did not get mad that nobody came to Gatsby's funeral. I'd be a little mad if that happed.