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Characters in the Great Gatsby In the Great Gatsby Fitzgerald introduces the reader to six major characters: Nick, Tom, Daisy, Jordan, Myrtle, and Wilson. In the beginning chapters of the book, the author incorporates all of the characteristics of each of these characters, complete with flaws and all.

Nick Carraway is one of the main characters. Nick also plays the role of narrator in the book, he also is connected to all of the characters in some way. As the book is introduced, the reader finds out that Nick has recently moved to the East from the Midwest shortly after he returned home from the war. His family is fairly wealthy, but he has traveled there alone to make a living in the bonds business. We also find out that he is Daisy's second cousin and he went to school with her husband, Tom at Yale. Nick also lives in West Egg next door to the wealthiest man in New York, Jay Gatsby, who also ends up being one of the major characters.

Tom Buchanan plays a major role in this book also. Tom and Daisy moved to the East after living in France for a year and other various places around the world. Tom was the star football player at Yale. His family supports him in every way. The Buchanans have a ridiculous amount of money. They live in a beautiful house in East Egg. Tom has no morals. He is having an affair with another woman, and doesn't even think twice about how he may be hurting his wife. Tom is arrogant, racist, and conceited. Tom once said in college, ""¦just because I'm stronger and more of a man than you are". This exemplifies Tom's general attitude towards others.

Daisy Buchanan, Tom's wife, is a beautiful woman. All...